Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ばか! Aflac Spokesman Quacked!

If there ever was a more appropriate use of the Japanese expression ばか, it is certainly appropriate to describe the reckless and insensitive statements made by actor, comedian, and voice of the Aflac Duck Gilbert Gottfried. Seriously! What was this guy thinking making jokes about missing Japanese girlfriends he obviously does not have. Has this man lost his mind or is he that insensitive to the sufferring of the Japanese People? Whatever the case, Aflac has fired their spokesman and voice of the Aflac Duck of the last ten years and rightfully so. In times of great human tragedy it is never correct to make jokes while people are sufferring. I am sure Mr. Gottfried would not appreciate holocaust jokes on the anniversary of Kristalnacht so it should not be done at all. In a related move and effort to save face, Aflac has donated 100 million Yen to the International Red Cross.

We at American Mishima applaud Aflac's swift action in both firing Gottfried and making a sizable donation to the relief efforts. No amount of money can erase the pain his words may have caused but then again those who are sufferring the most were likely unaware of this incident and have more important things to concern themselves with. We should never endorse this type of humor in the wake of catastrophie. We can only pray for those missing and those struggling to survive.


  1. The real irony is that Japan is one of Aflac's biggest client base. What was this idiot thinking?

  2. He wasn't thinking. A whopping 70% of Aflac business is in Japan. What a fool.