Monday, March 14, 2011

核危機 Post Disaster Nuclear Crisis in Japan

The recent 8.9 earthquake & tsunami in Japan has dealt the country a series of devastating events in what could be described as the worst crisis since the end of WWII. With the mounting death toll still rising, Japan is now facing one of its worst fears of having to contain a nuclear disaster in the making. With two reported hydrogen explosions having taken place over the weekend, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant is now spewing radiation into the disaster zone hampering relief efforts and exposing an already devestated populace to deadly radiation. Over 1500 people in the Sendai area have been tested for low level radiation. So far no reports of radiation sickness have been reported but time will tell. One helicopter from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan had been exposed to a radiation plume which resulted in the massive carrier repositioning further off the coast to avoid further radiation exposure. We hope that emergency iodine tablets and contingency supplies reach the survivors in the disaster zone in time. I need not mention what this means to the Japanese people. The subject of nuclear power has always been a sensitive one. Not discounting the people of Chernobyl, this disaster is a reminder of the horrors of the after effects of radiation from the nuclear bombings of WWII. With six reactors shut down and in crisis mode it is our hope that this will be contained so that the rescue and recovery efforts from the resulting tsunami can continue.

The scope of this disaster has reached unprecedented levels. It had been truly heartbreaking to watch from a world away. We wish we could be there to help search for survivors. It hits hard to see the people we love suffer through so much grief, hunger, and the stinging cold. And yet our feelings toward the crisis do not begin to compare to the ongoing agony of people both here and abroad who have yet to reach family or friends that are still among the missing. All we can do is pray and use the power of the internet to spread the word so people know that people are suffering and continue to need our help. Our hearts continue to go out to the People of Japan. We may be an ocean away but our hearts are with you.
If you would like to help, please donate to the Red Cross for Japan’s victims in this ongoing crisis.
Please continue to show your love and support the People of Japan in their most desperate hour.
ども ありがとう ございます.

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