Friday, April 22, 2011

日本サッカー J-League Defender Takahito Soma to come to MLS

Former Urawa Reds and current Second Division Bundesliga Energie Cottbus defender Takahito Soma has announced he has accepted an offer to move to an undisclosed Major League Soccer team here in the United States. This move is slated to take place during this summers transfer window. The 29 year old former J-League defender will join Colorado Rapids star Kosuke Kimura as the second player from Japan to join the MLS. "I have had an offer from an MLS club and want to move in the summer," Soma was quoted as saying Thursday. We at American Mishima are very happy to see the MLS invest in J-League players instead of retiring European players in decline. I have always argued the point about the logic of paying millions for the Beckhams of the world when the J-League has many talented players in their prime who would love to come play in the US. It's a wise descision to consider more J-League talent scouting. After all, who set up the winning goals in the last MLS Cup at BMO Field? It sure wasn't the likes of Thierry Henry or the over-hyped David Beckham. No, it was Kosuke Kimura - a man who was initially rejected by the J-League who has since become a superstar in his home country of Japan. I rest my case! I give kudos to the MLS for finally waking up and smelling that sashimi! We at American Mishima would like to offer Soma-San a nice よこそ ことしも よろしく おねがいします! & がんばって ください! Now show the MLS what the J-League players can bring to the pitch! Ganbare!

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