Thursday, April 7, 2011

ビル - Kirin's Double Disaster & Recovery

By now everyone has heard of the extensive damage and loss of life from Japan's combined earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11, 2011. As people begin to pick up the pieces new stories are slowly making their way out to the web. As one might have expected, the Kirin Brewery plant in Sendai suffered damage as the tsunami knocked over four of its fifteen brewery tanks and flooded much of it's equipment. If that was not enough, much of the stored beer kegs and bottles were carried off by the waves and strewn throughout the Miyagi Prefecture. This of course invited Kirin's second disaster in the means of all the people arriving as told from eye witness accounts and other bloggers that hundreds came by car, foot, and even bicycles to pick up what free Kirin beer they could find littering the streets of  Sendai. Now by no means are we trying to make lite of things. We just happen to love Japanese beer so we can't blame these poor thirsty people and after what all they have gone through we at American Mishima wish them all a healthy and safe かんぱい!

For the record Kirin's president Koichi Matsuzawa is said to have announced on Thursday that Kirin will resume operations at its Sendai Brewery in September. Until that time we'll continue to drink our Sapporo. かんぱい!


  1. If I was over there I'd be going around to get the free beer also.