Thursday, September 29, 2011

ばか! Co-Pilot Mishap Sends ANA Plane Into Nosedive

In a scene right out of the Airplane movies starring the late Leslie Nielsen & Peter Graves, the co-pilot of an ANA 737-700 accidentally hit the wrong controls to open the cabin door in order to let the captian returning from a bathroom break back into the cockpit sending the plane into a steep nose dive veering off course and nearly sending the airliner upside down. なん-だいよ! The ANA flight is said to have dived some 1,900 meters over the Pacific in 30 seconds near the southern Shizuoka district. It is believed the co-pilot hit the rudder controls instead of the door lock. The crew managed to stabilize the plane and landed safely but not before two flight attendants and four passengers suffered slight injuries and airsickness. The September 6th, 2011 incident is currently being investigated by Japan's Transport Safety Board. Being that the incident took place at night, many of the passengers were likely unaware the plane dipped some 130 degrees to the left before nearly flipping over. 117 people were aboard the ANA plane whose flight departed from Naha in Okinawa and safely landed at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. All Nippon Airlines Officials apologized to passengers at a press conference and is quoted as saying; "We are deeply sorry for causing anxiety to our passengers." It is said that the flight data records have been made public and I would love to see it. I am told the footage is incredible. Even more so the Flight Voice recorder tapes have to be priceless! Here at American Mishima we are just relieved to know that everyone landed safely. And of the co-pilot? Somewhere over in Japan someone is screaming ばか!

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