Friday, September 30, 2011

残酷な Soccer Fan Cruelty

Heckling an opposing team is nothing new in Soccer Supporter Culture. But there are certain lines one should never cross. Well thanks to Japan Probe we came across this photo of  Korean Soccer fans of Jeonbuk diplaying a sign reading "Let's Celebrate Japan's Big Earhtquake" during the recent quaterfinal of the Asian Champions League against Cerezo Osaka.  なに? Yeah, that's what we said!

Over the years I have heard many cruel taunts from Soccer Supporters even some from my own LA Galaxy Supporter Groups that I felt was in bad taste. But to call for the celebration of over 15,000 peoples deaths and the countless livelyhoods that were destroyed by the combined earthquake & tsunami of March 12, 2011? That is just fucked up and downright cruel. The JFA (Japan Football Association) has lodged a protest with the Asian Football Confederation and I hope they take this up with FIFA. If there is one thing I do not like about Football/Soccer is ばかやろ posing as fans whose sole purpose in being there is to use the "Beautiful Game" as a venue to be a dick. Needless to say the banner went down after 20 minutes following complaints by the Osaka team to organizers. Embarrased, the owners of South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors soccer team did the right thing and apologized for the incident but by then the damage was already done. It's unknown what became of those dickheads who displayed that banner. Hopefully they were escorted out and banned from the game. If they are smart they will never visit Osaka Japan because Fuji TV aired these ばかやろ faces repeatedly on Japanese TV. There are some who may argue "well that's just Jeonbuk fans." It does not matter if it is Jeonbuk, Mexico, or MAN UTD fans. It's just bad taste and poor sportmanship on the part of these "so-called fans." It ultimately displays a total lack of character by the people who engage in such off the pitch cruelty. I am a real Football/Soccer fan and I will not tolerate it and neither should you. Now let's get back to our "Beautiful Game."

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  1. Just in case anyone misreads what I wrote I am no way attacking the Korean Nation or the entire Korean Soccer fandom as a whole. Just a few dickheads in the stands. It's not cool no matter where it comes from or who it's slung at and has no place in our sport. I wish it didn't happen but it is up to the individual to take a stand and not join the mob and engage in hate.