Monday, September 17, 2012

Aoi Miyazaki to appear in new Edo Period Feature

For those of you who loved Aoi Miyazaki in the NHK Taiga Drama Atsuhime, you'll be happy to know she is appearing in a new Edo Period drama "Tenchi Meisatsu": The Samurai Astronomer. This film is the latest work of Yojiro Takita best known for his 2009 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winning film "Okuribito" aka Departures (Which we featured in our earlier Films for Obon posts). Tenchi as it is being called is the biographical drama of the 17th-century Edo Period math whiz Harumi Shibukawa, best known today for devising a new, more accurate calendar. But science & math aside, we are guaranteed some tempers will meet some sword action to liven up this story. After all this was still the Age of the Samurai. This is likely going to appeal mostly to the home audience but if you love science or love seeing Aoi Miyazaki outwitting another opponent at goh, then keep your eyes out for this feature when it becomes available here. It might actually illuminate our view on Edo Period science as well as entertain. So please enjoy!

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