Sunday, September 23, 2012

ばんざい! Japanase GSDF Forces Defy Beijing Invading Guam!

In a stunning unprecedented move, Japanese military force known as the Ground Self Defense Force in the most provocative show of military force since the end of WWII, defied Beijing and invaded Guam. なに? That makes about as much sense as America invading Iraq to avenge 9/11! なんちゃて! No seriously. We're kidding. Actually this photo is of Japan's GSDF participating in joint maneuvers with the armed forces of the United States military to demonstrate Japan's ability to defend remote islands such as the disputed Senkaku Islands in the South China Sea. With tensions high between China and Japan, we hope this dispute simmers over without any armed conflict. We can't see the PRC with all it's economic success going to war over a couple uninhabited rocks in the sea. Maybe in Mao's day but not today. But if the very unlikelihood comes to fruition, you know whose side we'll be on. Good luck boys & stay frosty! がんばってください!

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