Friday, March 6, 2015

Another Encouter with the A6M-Zero Fighter

This past week, we ventured north to Camarillo to visit the Commemorative Air Force's Southern California Wing's Military Warplane Museum located at the Camarillo Airport in Camarillo California. We had photographed this exact Zero before at the Western Museum of Flight but we can never get enough of this magnificent warplane. Built in 1943, this A6M Zero is the world's only flying Zero with its original engine.
Like any machine, this baby does leak oil now and then and undergoes routine maintenance to keep her flying. Considering she is 72 years old, she's in pretty good shape.
The A6M was the principal Naval Fighter for the Japanese Imperial Navy. Designed by Mitsubishi engineer Jiro Horikoshi, this remains one of the most beautifully designed planes of the Second World War.
If you would like to see this plane up close or find out more information on her, please visit:

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