Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iran's Navy Blows Up Fake Carrier

In what can be best surmised as a publicity stunt for the home audience, the Iranian Navy staged a "Military" exercise to prove they can blow up a U.S. Navy Carrier. Naval observers from around the world have described Iran's full scale mockup of what they claim to be the USS Nimitz as nothing more than a cheap B-Movie prop that's bound to titillate at most 13 year old boys and those hard line Mullahs who really think the Iran's Revolutionary Guard is up to the task of defeating the most powerful navy in the world with little more than speed boats armed with RPG's. Sounds silly? Sure! In the even they might be serious, let us introduce a reality check. They could send 100 speed boats and we can introduce their "Swarm" of high speed boats to our little friend we like to call Mr. Phalanx.
Yes, the Phalanx is a sea borne version of what the A-10 Thunderbolt does in the air but is standard compliment for all US Naval Warships. This weapon system can shred apart a missile miles out at sea. No one in their right mind would want to go toe to toe against one of these automated terrors. Oh hell no! For Iran's little excuse for a navy, it would almost take the fun out of martyrdom. Anyone who knows anything about Carrier task forces can tell you that our carriers don't sail alone. Nobody's does. We have other ships to handle those kind of threats but if you are dealing with missiles or by some odd miracle one small high speed boat actually gets through, then I once again will defer to our good friend Mr. Phalanx. 
Sure, they can dream all they want and we can laugh at Iran's oversimplified naval strategies. For all we know this was their answer to Argo - the movie about a fake movie. Maybe this is a movie about a fake navy? Who knows? Maybe they got an Iranian Chuck Norris to star in this silly production. They would have to be out of their minds if think they could actually destroy one of our carriers. So unless Iran's puny naval forces want to play games with the US Navy, they best learn to swim because they are going to get wet down in Davy Jones Locker. Nice try Iran but no cous-cous!

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