Sunday, March 29, 2015

Honoring Japanese Americans at JACCC's Vietnam Memorial

Seen here on the 50th anniversary of the US Marine Expeditionary Force Landing at Da Nang Republic of Vietnam, is the newly completed Veterans Memorial at the JACCC Plaza honoring those American of Japanese Ancestry whose lives were lost in the Vietnam War. 
Most notable name on this memorial is that of Jimmy Nakayama who was killed by friendly fire during the Battle of the Ia Drang November 1965. His story and tragic death is featured in the film Once We Were Soldiers and Young by Retired General Hal Moore & Former UPI Reporter Joseph Galloway. We won't show you the scene here for it is as horrific as it is sad. We at American Mishima honor these brave men with both a military salute and a respectful bow. Like the Vietnam saying goes: All Gave Some - Some Gave All. Rest in Peace.

If you wish to see the clip from Once We Were Soldiers, here is the link: Jimmy Nakayama Scene

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