Thursday, February 18, 2016

Death by Prop Samurai Sword

As many people know, Japanese Jidaigeki Dramas of the Samurai period have been popular in Japan since the introduction of television. Throughout its history, many famous actors and stunt coordinators have perfected the art of sword play for the stage and screen. But like with any sword play whether it is for acting or for real Budo requires much training and coordination. As we say in America, there is a learning curve. Evidently last week, 33 year old actor Daigo Kashino fell on that curve and was rushed to a hospital for a wound he suffered during rehearsal with a prop sword. The wound is said to have pierced his abdomen during an action scene. This is the second death in recent times where a performance had gone wrong. An Italian actor chocked to death while doing a hanging scene. We don't know if this was a low budget film or just sloppy stunt coordination. Having worked on low budget films in our past we can tell you that some productions will try to cut every corner just to get a shot. We sure hope that was not the case. The sword is believed to be a practice sword and not a real katana. But still, even without a real edge, a 73cm blade of any object is not to be toyed with lightly, hence why in real Budo we bow and pay so much respect even for practice weapons. We at American Mishima hope that tragic scenes like this won't be repeated anytime soon. Speaking from personal experience; "When engaging in swordplay, even for the stage, one must always engage with absolute sincerity. Makoto!"

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