Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NK Missile Launch Or Satellite Ruse?

Despite a growing chorus of condemnations from the United States, Japan, Russia, and South Korea, North Korea launched their "Satellite" this last Sunday and luckily nobody had to die. It is widely believed that this so-called launch of a Earth Observation Satellite by the famished Hermit Kingdom was nothing more than a ruse for the testing of a international ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon to which Baby Kim could threaten the world like some maniacal Bond Villain stroking his hairless cat from his fortress in Pyongyang. Naturally state sponsored celebrations for the success of the launch erupted into a frenzy as if they had won the World Cup.  For a country that can't feed it's own people, they sure have unlimited sums of money to put on massive celebrations for the Communist regime worthy of a 1950's Chinese propaganda film. What's not happening in Pyongyang is concern for their "Satellite" that at last news report was reported to be wobbling out of control. But of course you'll never hear Ri Chun Hee admit failure on North Korean TV because this is how this Authoritarian regime rolls.

Now if we in the West were to honestly believe Pyongyang's angry mouth piece who routinely tries to rally North Korean audiences to believe the West is the enemy that they will destroy, you could say yes they successfully launched a satellite in orbit. From what South Korean officials have ascertained by fallen missile debris is that this was what Japan, South Korea, and the United States have claimed all along that this was nothing more than a dangerously provocative missile test. The Satellite is not capable of Earth Orbit as it continues to be tracked wobbling out of control. Either the North Koreans completely suck at configuring gyroscopes and basic software (yeah right considering they could hack into Sony) or the more likely scenario that their satellite was merely a mockup so they could essentially claim their launch was for peaceful purposes instead of admitting the obvious truth given Pyongyang's recent behavior that this was for military purposes. Nice try Baby Kim but we're not buying it! Eat a Snickers!

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