Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Japan SDF Ready to Shoot Down North Korean Missile

As North Korea prepares to launch another test of its ballistic missiles, Japan's Self Defense Forces have been placed on high alert with orders to shoot down any missile that violates Japan's Air Space. This comes a month after Pyongyang announced it had developed a hydrogen bomb to threaten the world with bringing an already tense region to an all time high state of instability. With tensions at an all time high, Japan's Defense Ministry is taking no chances.
It's likely that should such action become necessary, Japan's Maritime SDF may fire on such a missile from one of it's AEGIS Class Warships (as seen in the above Raytheon photo) or from a land based SDF Patriot Missile battery. We sure hope it doesn't come to that but with an erratic  leader like Kim, anything is possible. May cooler heads prevail.

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