Saturday, December 19, 2015

China Crys Foul Over B-52 Flyby

Just when you thought things could not more tense in the South China Seas, Beijing is crying foul over a recent USAF B-52 flyby that took place on December 10th near one of their many newly built militarized man made islands which China claims as a violation of their national sovereignty. Mind you, these islands did not exist a few years ago. As far as calling this a provocative act that violated their airspace, there are no Chinese now or at any time in their 3000 year history to assert such claims to exact such a swift reaction from China. From our perspective building islands in the middle of international waters under known flight paths our planes routinely take then crying foul is just ludicrous. Yet Beijing has vowed to take whatever military actions to defend what they claim is rightfully theirs in the middle of international waters and still accuse us of fanning the flames and making provocative acts. These recently constructed man made islands are 400 miles away from the Chinese mainland yet they accuse the United States, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines each of violating their sovereignty when it is clear to everyone else that it is the PRC themselves who have created this tense situation and then have the nerve to play the victim. As far as the U.S. is concerned, our planes did not fly off course nor is China entitled to the 12 mile international boundary that defines their national sovereignty. In response to Beijing's protests,  Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright is quoted in saying that the Dec. 10 mission was not a "freedom of navigation" operation. The United States routinely conducts B-52 training missions throughout the region, including over the South China Sea to maintain readiness." As far as China's other complains Wright said, "We're looking into it." In other words, we'll get back to ya."

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