Thursday, December 31, 2015

一日の画像 - Picture of the Day: Sticking it to the Man!

Seen here are Filipino students who camped out on a disputed island which the PRC claims is their own drawing the ire from both Beijing and for some bizarre reason, Taiwan. Beijing claims their little camping trip is illegal but the kids beg to differ and are there to protest the Chinese Navy's recent sovereign claims to Filipino territory. Both the Philippine Government and the PRC claim these little specks of land in the South China Seas as their own. There is a small Filipino military presence on these islands but it's those damn "Meddling Kids" ala Scooby Doo that are driving Beijing nuts. Now that's sticking it to the Man! For a poor 3rd world country with a tiny military and no real means to stand up to the Chinese Navy, it's left to the Philippine Youth taking a stand for their country. Sure, it won't change much but you have to admire them. Be safe out there You crazy kids!

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