Wednesday, December 30, 2015

China Sends New Message

As if things could not make a tense situation on the South China Seas any more tense, the Chinese Navy has equipped their Coast Guard with three former warships including a frigate armed with 20 and 35 millimeter auto-cannons as seen in the photo above. This spells trouble for Japanese commercial fishing and international commerce. Evidently, Beijing is trying to send Tokyo a message which furthermore rises tensions in an already escalating tit-for-tat series of provocative moves on the part of the PRC ruling government in Beijing. That or the Chinese Navy is pissed at Japan's SDF forces lining up anti-ship missile batteries on islands that sit between the Chinese mainland and their recent man made island claims which has created this whole mess in the first place. This latest incident marks the 139th incursion into Japanese waters near disputed Senkaku islands since 2012 which Beijing claims is its sovereign territory. Strange, in China's 3000+ year history only now are they claiming islands in the last 4 years? Pretty convenient timing as the PRC flexes it's muscles in an attempt it's growing naval might in an attempt ti both intimidate and dominate it's surrounding neighbors. We'll continue to monitor this situation and give you our take on the ever growing dangerous game being played out now on the South China Seas.

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