Friday, December 18, 2015

Turning the Tables in the East China Seas

Over the last two years we have seen the PRC's Navy build artificial islands in the East China Seas in what could be best surmised as a militarization of international waters on the part of a naval expansion of China's Navy and Beijing's military power in the Pacific In an unexpected move, Japan's small yet capable Self Defense Forces have pulled a brilliant tactical ploy by adopting a strategy of deploying 200 + anti-ship missile batteries along Japan's small island chains. This strategy is being called "Anti-Access / Area Denial or A2/AD for short which forces China's Navy seeking to access their new man made militarized islands to pass through the cross hairs of Japan's missile batteries. This strategy also puts Beijing in the same missile cross hairs putting a monkey wrench in any plans to access the greater Pacific Ocean literally turning the tables on Beijing's Island building scheme to claim such artificial islands smack in the middle of international waters as their own sovereign territory. Two can play it that way ね? 

Japan Times reporting on this turn of events have stated that Japan intents to beef up it's forces by 10,000 personnel manning these batteries over the next five years. They will be backed up with submarines, amphibious craft, and F-35 fighter planes. Then of course there is the U.S. 7th Fleet. While there continues to be opposition the PM Abe's military buildup, US demands of Japan taking a greater role in regional security and the on going situation with Chinese military expansion in the East China Seas make it necessary for Japan to expand it's military capabilities. While we at American Mishima are not in favor of war, we do believe Japan has the right to defend itself and should have the legal right to aid it's allies in the event of trouble. On a strategic level, PM Abe is taking Japan's SDF on the right course. We wish everyone serving in the SDF and our USN 7th Fleet safe sailing. We're counting on you!

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