Thursday, April 1, 2010

ぶしだまし - Budo Upgrade Through Aikido & Bojutsu

For the last two years I have trained hard in Shinkendo and Toyama Ryu. After much delay I have finally joined the Aikido & Bojutsu classes taught by the Obata's in addition to Shinkendo. Classes take place weeknights at the new Shinkendo Honbu Dojo now located at 320 East Second Street in Little Tokyo across from the Japanese Plaza. With DOUSOUJIN keeping watch, my Bushi Spirit has taken on the rigors of Aikido. I am fortunate to train under Obata Sensei who once trained the Tokyo Riot Police. I could not ask for a better Sensei. Learning hand to hand combat when your in your 40's can be tough but not impossible. I will do my best and train hard. Bojutsu class is seriously すごいい! I have always wanted to learn how to wield a bo-staff and now I am on my way. According to Obata Sensei, people in Japan knew this skill 150 years ago. It was not the sole exclusive domain of the Samurai but a skill practiced by people of all classes. I find it most fun and look forward to mastering this essential Samurai Art. From time to time I will keep you posted as to how my training progresses. Since I am just starting, I will not participate in the Aikido demonstration but will participate in the Shinkendo demonstration in next week's Sakura Matsuri. Wish me luck! 私に幸運を祈ります!

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