Tuesday, April 6, 2010

新刊 New Book on Noh Published

If you have ever seen a Noh Theater performance, once can not be captivated by the range of expression this unique six century old art form can convey. I was fortunate enough to see such a performance in Little Tokyo by the Kanze School of Kyoto starring Shizuka Mikata in 2008. As a person who grew up in the Goth Music Culturem I found myself attracted to dark overtones and imagery of this art. (Imagine that! Something more Goth than Goth and six hundred years older to boot?) If you have always wanted to know more about Noh there is now a new book out by Michishige Udaka who is both a lead Noh actor and producer. This book promises to give deep insights into the world of Noh with all its drama and infinate expression. This book contains many photos by Shuichi Yamagata that reveals the nuances and drama of Noh that has been handed down to us from generations of performers and craftsman. A must for anyone who loves this unique ancient Japanese Artform & Cultural Treasure!

The Secrets of Noh Masks
Michishige Udaka
Kodansha Int’l
ISBN : 978-4-7700-3095-5 / 4-7700-3095-9


  1. I would love to see a performance some day. Hopefully there will be more in Little Tokyo.

  2. Kabuki is supposed to return soon. I'll post when I hear of the next Noh.

  3. In case anyone was curious I just added the link where you can acquire a copy.