Friday, April 30, 2010

Shinkendo Sosetsu Kinenbi – 20th Anniversary of Shinkendo!

On May 10th, the Shinkendo Honbu Dojo located in the heart of Little Tokyo and branch dojo around the world will be celebrating the Shinkendo Sosetsu Kinenbi, the 2oth anniversary of the founding of Shinkendo by it's founder Toshishiro Obata whose credits include being the All Japan Battodo Champion for seven consecutive years, Ioriken Battojutsu Champion for 5 years and Toyama Ryu All Japan Champion for 2 years. Toshishiro Obata has also been featured in many movies and television documentaries such as Fight Science and others relating to the Samurai Arts. He continues to teach Aikido, Akibujutsu, Shinkendo, & Toyama Ryu at the Shinkendo Honbu Dojo to this very day. As a student of Obata Kaiso, I consider myself very lucky to receive instruction by such a world renown swordmaster.

For those not familiar with this unique Japanese martial art, Shinkendo is a modern system of Japanese swordsmanship which incorporates all aspects of sword study: Suburi (swinging methods), Battoho (drawing methods), Tanren Kata (solo forms), Tachiuchi (sparring) and Tameshigiri (test-cutting). You can find more information about Obata Kaiso and Shinkendo at thier official website at Shinkendo

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