Monday, April 5, 2010

侍劇場 Gackt の Samurai

J-Rockstar singer Gackt (formerly of Malice Mizer) is returning to the acting arena once again in the role of an "attractive" Outlaw Samurai in his latest debut as a leading man in a Japanese theater performance. Now if you are familiar with the Visual Kei scene or Gackt's work, you can presume he isn't exactly known as "Mr. Bushi" in Japan. But giving the man his due, he did play Uesugi Kenshin in NHK's 46th historical drama Fuurin Kazan which aired in 2007. Albeit, I didn't exactly believe he pulled off a convincing Uesugi Kenshin with his modern rockstar hair & eyeliner but if you could get past that he wasn't that bad in the role. And before anyone outright trashes his attempts to live out his bushido on film, you have to give him props for his Samurai やみ の しゅうえん "Returner" music video. I have to say after some of the more nutty costumes this guy has worn in his career(and I am not going to go there), "Returner" gave him some credibility with me. Well from my standpoint at least, Gackt may very well have some Bushidamashi in him afterall. Gackt will be starring in the play "Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae." Gackt has been quoted recently saying; ‘‘In these days of weak men, I’ll etch myself in the minds of every person in the audience as an attractive samurai, a good Japanese and a nice man and show them that there are men like this.’’ According to Gackt himself he has been training hard to play the outlaw Samurai Nemuri Kyoshiro over the last six months. No details on what that training involved are available but if you are in Tokyo this May 14th, you just might see how it all paid off. If anyone see's his show let us know how it goes. ガクト- がんばてください!

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